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    Talking Expecting! What do u think of my top names?

    I can't believe I'm finally pregnant and can post on nameberry! Yay! We don't know the sex yet, but have top name picks for each sex. We don't plan on telling anyone until the baby is born, so I'd love to know what you berries think.

    For a girl:

    1. Mathilda Quinn
    This is my top pick because its classic, uncommon, and has a good flow with our last name (Henderson). I also loooove the nickname Maude! My husband likes this spelling because it has the word "math" in it. My only concern is popularity. How popular do you think it will be in real life? I've never met a Mathilda, but it seems pretty popular on nameberry.

    other favorites:


    I love both names but I'm concerned about pronounciation, and flow.

    For a boy

    Escher Noam

    Escher is pronounced like Asher with a short E. Noam is like a noah with an m. My only concern is whether or not Escher will look like a made up name.

    We are pretty set on that name, but I also like Sterling, Roscoe, and Amos.

    Let me know what you think. Thanks berries!
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    Congrats! See my recent thread for a lot of thoughts from Nameberries on the popularity of Matilda. I'm sure Mathilda will be a lot less common. I'm partial to Matilda m'self, as you can tell from my signature. :-)

    From what I can tell it's a very popular name on Nameberry, and probably seems more popular than it is in real life because it's quite memorable. But only .018% of baby girls were called Matilda in 2011. Needless to say, that's not very many.

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    I prefer Mathilde spelled this way (French spelling) or Matilda. If you want "math" in the name, then Mathilde is the spelling I'd choose! I think Quinn pairs nicely as a middle name. I love Aurelia, too, but think, unless you're in France, Amelie will be butchered a little (or pronounced Emily).

    Unfortunately, I don't like any of your boys names, sorry!
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    I LOVE your names. My second choice is Amelie, but Mathilda is definitely my top pick.

    This is how I'd pronounce the other two names: Amelie, AIM-eeh-lee. Like a slightly softer 'ee' sound, almost an 'ih'. And Aurelia, aw-REY-lee-uh

    As for your boy's names, Escher Noam is really cool! I'm not too big on Noam, but it flows really well with Escher and is interesting. Sterling, Roscoe and Amos are also awesome, but Escher flows much better with Noam than any of these. Escher doesn't look made up, and even if it does to some people, who cares? It's awesome!

    I don't think Mathilda will be too popular. It's popular on here, but this is only a small segment of internet culture that draws from all over the world. It HAS been rising in popularity, but it's still in the 700s, so she might run into one or two in her lifetime, and that's not a big deal.
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    I love your girls names too. I like Mathilde more than Mathilda, but i thought it was pronounced differently (more like Ma-teeld). Also like Amelie. i've never heard anyone say it AIM-eeh-lee. I think Ah-meh-lee is more common. I assume Aurelia would be least common and I think it's pretty intuitive how to say it. Very pretty
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