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    First Baby and husband is picky

    Huxley (Huck) Alexander
    Boone Alexander
    Finnegan (Finn) James

    Paisley Monroe
    Harlow Mae

    Are any of them winners?

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    I love Boone, Finnegan, Monroe and Harlow! I'm not as crazy about Huxley, though I like Huck a lot. To me, Huxley sounds kind of trendy and made up, which isn't really my style- but if you like it I can see the appeal, and Huck is great!

    I think all of the makes have good flow from first to middle name which (to me) is really important.

    If I had to choose, I'd say may favorites are:
    Finnegan James and Harlow Mae.
    Little men: Everett, Dane, Lennox

    Little gals: Eden, Lux, Monroe

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    I like Alexander, Boone, James, Monroe, and Harlow, separately.

    But out of the combos you have, I like Boone Alexander and Finnegan James for the boys, and Harlow Mae for a little girl.

    I also like James Boone and Alexander Boone.

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    Huxley is a top name for me. But my SO would never have it. He said most people wouldn't associate it with the author and think it was made up. Which is sadly true... sigh....Brave New World indeed....
    But I digress. Great name in my opinion! Boone is also nice.
    Of the 2 girls names i'd say Harlowe is the better choice.
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    I love Finnegan! It's so mischievous sounding.

    And Harlow is so cute! It was one of my top names for a while.

    Finnegan James and Harlow Mae get my vote. Awesome names!
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