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    Offbeat -Y Boy Names

    I am still searching for a perfect boy name. We do not know the gender yet but I feel like I have enough girl names. Boy names are harder for me this time around since I have 3 boys already (I've used all my favorite names). Lately, I been interested in names ending in -y. None of my boys have that name ending and it seems like it would fit nicely. I have come across some interesting names like Destry and Trilby, but neither is quite right. I also still really like the name Rusky although it got negative feedback on another post I had a few weeks ago. Negative feedback doesn't bother me at all so it is still in the running. Do any Berries have any interesting, offbeat -y names? As I have mentioned before, I do not like well-known names, trendy names, or anything yoonik/made up. It must be a real name, or a place name - bonus if it has a water reference or an aviation reference. Please inspire me!!! Thanks in advance.

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