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    Nickname issues :(

    DH and I feel we have found the perfect combination of classic and trendy by giving our son a traditional, family name combined with a name we both love, and a smoosh of the two became the trendy nn, Jax. It seems fairly unique here, neighbours and friends have never heard it before. But, it sounds pretty much the same as Jack. We started a mommy + baby class this morning and there are 2 Jacks in the class.

    Does this mean our son will not be able to use his nn at school? Will he either have to go by John, or Jax T. ?

    We haven't been using the usual John nns because my brother has the corner on those.

    What do you think? Should we continue using Jax 'cause we love it? Should we come up with a new nn?
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    Yes. I definitely think you should keep using it. I don't see why you should stop using a nn you love just because others have used it to. They don't own it and it's a great nn.

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    Keep using the nn Jax! Other people will have the same nn, but that shouldn't dictate what you thoughtfully and lovingly call your son.

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    Definitely keep using it! I actually think Jax sounds plenty different from Jack anyway.
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    Keep using it! In school plenty of kids go by completely random names anyway. I remember one kid who's name was something like Joe. He went by Malachi I think. Not his middle name just random.

    And I thinks its beyond adorable! I will have a little cousin with that soon, so I am a bit biased though.

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