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    Francesca, Margot, Theodora and Colette in particular are gorgeous and would work so well with Vivienne although I don't dislike any of your choices.

    Of my fave 4 above, I love the combos Francesca Plum and Margot West the most. Either would be gorgeous. Good luck!

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    Ophelia Paige-This is actually a lovely combo. I've never been a big fan of Paige but it flows very nicely with Ophelia.
    Margot West -Second favorite! I love that you've used the Margot spelling over Margo.
    Isadora Drew (nn Dot) -This is my fave because Isadora is one of my name crushes. I think Isadora West could also work
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    Daphne Plum: Have never understood the love for Plum. Daphne is too girly-girly in my opinion.
    Colette Fox: Don't like it. Colette reminds me of when Mr. Thénardier is mispronouncing Cosette's name in Tom Hooper's Les Misérables. Fox reminds me of Fox Mulder and therefore I consider it to be a boys name.
    Ophelia Paige: Not loving the middle, but it goes very well with Paige. Definitely my favourite of your combos.
    Margot West: Sounds and looks nice, even though I'm not fond of West.
    Isadora Drew (nn Dot): Don't like any of the names.
    Francesca Plum: Francesca is a lovely name but as mentioned above, I seriously don't understand the appeal for Plum.
    Bianca West (nn Bee): Loving the sound of this.
    Theodora Glow (nn Dot): Really don't like Glow.

    Favourites: Ophelia Paige, Margot West and Bianca West.
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    Daphne Plum - lovely, 4,8
    Colette Fox - ok, 3,9
    Ophelia Paige - nice, 4,1
    Margot West - nice, 4,5
    Isadora Drew - bland, 2,3
    Francesca Plum - Francesca is over the top for me, 3,4
    Bianca West lovely, my fave, 5
    Theodora Glow - find Theodora ugly, 1,3
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    Daphne Plum- Very cute. I love both Daphne and Plum, and Daphne and Vivienne is adorable.
    Colette Fox- Love Colette, hate Fox. Fox reminds me of Fox Mulder from the X-Files, and sounds very, very masculine to me (like calling a daughter Wolf).
    Ophelia Paige- Never been a fan of Ophelia. Sorry. She went crazy and drowned herself... too tragic.
    Margot West- Love, love, love Margot, but once again, not a fan of West.
    Isadora Drew (nn Dot)- Not really a fan of Isadora or Drew.
    Francesca Plum- This is nice, but I think Daphne Plum fits better.
    Bianca West (nn Bee)- Bianca just doesn't go with Vivienne as well in my mind.
    Theodora Glow (nn Dot)- Theodora is quite nice, but Glow makes me think of either the Glow Worm toys or that you are ordering someone to glow.

    Favs: 1. Daphne Plum 2. Margot Plum 3. Colette Plum 4. Theodora Plum
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