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    Firstly love your daughter's name! Vivienne Grey!
    Daphne Plum - Daphne isn't a favourite. She just feels really unattractive. Daphne just isn't my thing. But Plum is a sugary sweet name.

    Colette Fox - Colette is gorgeous, a beautiful French classic. Fox isn't my style. I find the name really pretentious.

    Ophelia Paige - Ophelia is stunning, she's really grown on me. Ophelia has so much style. Paige sounds gorgeous with Ophelia too.

    Margot West - Margot sounds very quirky and sweet. Margot West is such a quirky combination. The name is beautiful.

    Isadora Drew - Isadora sounds so elegant and wholesome. Isadora feels quirky as well. I like the name with Drew. The combination of masculine and feminine is really lovely. Isadora Drew is such a cool combination.

    Francesca Plum - Francesca is so elegant, demure and classy. She's an elegant Italian name. Lovely choice. I love Plum with Francesca too.

    Bianca West - Bianca is sweet choice. She has a lot of attitude, and feels very southern belle with West.

    Theodora Glow - Theodora is awesome, such a beautiful elegant choice. I also love the nickname Thea. However I think Glow feels slightly strange and I dislike as a name itself. I would prefer Theodora West or even better Theodora Drew.

    Hope this helped x

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    Margot West is the clear winner for me. Perfect with Vivenne Grey!
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    I love these with Vivienne Gray:


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    Daphne Plum - Love Daphne, not too sure about Plum though
    Colette Fox - Lovely name
    Ophelia Paige - How about Paige Ophelia?
    Margot West - Not a fan of West
    Isadora Drew - I love this one
    Francesca Plum - Francesca is lovely, Plum not so much
    Bianca West - Not sure if I like Bianca
    Theodora Glow - No to Glow.

    Isadora Paige
    Francesca Drew
    Daphne Drew
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