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    Opinion on Caroline nn Charlie?

    Okay, I love Charlie. Problem is, Charlotte is not the prettiest name to me at all. None of the Char- names are. However, Caroline is beautiful. Is it reasonable to use Charlie as a nickname for a baby named Caroline? I love both and if I can use both, I will. I don't see the problem with it, because Caroline is a feminine form of Charles, just like Charlotte, but a lot of people I talk to have a problem with it. But then, I don't understand Peggy from Margaret so there is that.

    What do you think?

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    names4real Guest
    It's your baby so you can call her anything you want. I think Charlie would make a cute nn for Caroline

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    I think its fine. I guess people may think it is a bit of stretch, because it does not have the Char- beginning. I don't think it matters though. Caroline is beautiful and little Charlie is so cute.

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    Leave Charlie to the boys.

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    My sister is just Charlie, no long form, and she likes her name just fine
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