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    Eve / Snow Middle Name Problems

    I'm really liking the idea of Eve as a middle, because my due date is Christmas Eve. BUT, we are likely using a first name ending in and "e" sound. Is it going to sound terrible? Our top names with Eve:

    Amy Eve
    Annie Eve
    Sadie Eve
    Maggie Eve

    I have considered "Evie" as a first name, but I'm worried it would be pronounced eh-vie instead of ee-ve (my preferred prn), does that make sense?

    Another possibility I really like is using Snow as a middle, BUT my current favorite is Sadie. And my husband immediate called her THE S.S. Ourlastname. Plus, it's a lot of s sound. So, I don't know.

    Other middle names we like are Mae (after husband's Grandma Margaret), Kate, and Rose. Should I avoid Eve? Only use Snow for something other than Sadie? Any other ideas for me? Thanks!

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    I love the name Evie as a stand alone first name! I would definitely only pronounce it as ee-ve and don't see why people would mess that up. I think Evie Rose sounds good. Not sure how I feel about Snow though. Another christmas name that I love is Noelle!

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    I don't think the -ee ending sound works with Eve as a middle. I like your names. They just don't work with Eve. Which sucks because I love Eve too. :-(

    I am an alliteration fan, and I LOVE Sadie Snow. I think it's glorious. Idk if the S.S. will be problematic or not. That's your call. But I'd probably do it. It's beautiful and cute at the same time.

    I love Eve as a first name, but I dislike the name Evie. Still, being totally objective even if you want to call her Evie, I would name her Eve officially and call her that. You and she both will be glad you did when she gets older and has the option of a proper first with a bit more gravitas.

    That said, if you do decide on Evie as a first I don't see any pronunciation problems. I feel pretty confident that most will see it and say EE-vee.

    Although my taste is not exactly the same as yours I really like your style and think you're gonna come up with something really good. I would encourage you though to keep thinking outside the box with middles. Snow and Eve are awesome, but May and Rose and Kate feel a bit tired, frankly. Other one syllable middles you might consider are Liv and Faye. Sadie Faye is adorable.

    Good luck!

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    If the last name is long, then some of these are possible. If your last name is short. I would find either a longer first name or middle name.
    Maggie and Kate are such a nicknams . The rest are fine. I don't think they sound good with Eve though. I like
    Robyn Eve
    Anna Eve
    Rose Eve nn Rosie
    Grace Eve nn Gracie

    Holly Eve
    Ivy Snow
    Mary Snow
    Molly Snow
    Lily Eve
    I don't Sadie Snow seems ok. Not sure one way or the other.

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    How about Margaret Eve nn Maggie?

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