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    Nicknames for Celeste and middle names for Isla

    Hi everyone

    Last time I posted on here we narrowed our top 3 names down to 2 and now I would like your help again. My baby girl will be arriving in 8 days and I'm not completely decided on her name. We have Celeste (my fav) and Isla (husbands fav). I love Celeste but I do struggle to think of what her name will be shortened to as there are no obvious nicknames that I like (cece!) If we go with Celeste her middle name will be Annora. If we choose Isla then I dont really have a favourite middle name, some ideas we have are:

    Isla Ruby
    Isla Quinn
    Isla Rosalie
    Isla Charlotte
    Isla Mae ( is this weird when she will be born in May?)

    I'd like to hear what you all think sounds the best or if you have some suggestions for us, our surname starts with L


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    Celeste could be Celly, or Leste. I think Celly is really cute, personally, and I adore Celeste.
    I think Isla Ruby sounds very nice, Isla Quinn, and Isla Charlotte. They just flow. But I don't really like Charlotte all that much, and Quinn is decent, so I'm voting Isla Ruby. My personal preference is for Celeste, though, but I really like Isla as well.

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    I really like Isla Celeste as far as the combos you already have my favorits are Isla Ruby asnd Isla Rosalie. I'm not so sure about Rosalie ending with -lie asnd your last name begining with L. I'm afraid they might run togeather.
    Some other sugustions
    Isla Charlene (for some reason I like this more than Isla Charlotte)
    Isla Caroline
    Isla Ruth
    Isla Rosemarie
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    I quite like Isla Celeste as well but I'm not going to mention that one to my husband yet or he will think we are both getting our way when I'm not ready to give up Celeste as a first name yet!

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    I love the name Celeste. Ceily would be a great nn.

    Isla Claire
    Isla Catherine
    Isla Elizabeth
    Isla Mary
    Isla Josephine
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