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    Anne is my all time favorite name! I agree that it has it all. I love the simple flow of Anne Cora. I am still sad that my husband didn't allow me to name my daughter Anne, but it is her middle name. I also love Juliet and Elsa. I will say that Cora Anne is a gorgeous combination as well. So, basically, I am not help at all to you. Ha Ha.

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    As the mother of an Annabel, obviously, I love it. It has not limited her in any way. She loves princesses and pink, but also getting dirty, playing catch, and generally anything her brother and all male cousins are doing. I've always found it odd that people should think a name will dictate an individual's pursuits. I love Anne, Cora, and Elsa from your list, as well. Juliet is beautiful, too. In reguards to a middle for Cora, Lillian is nice, as would be Juliet or (to a lesser extent due to the a's) Annabel.
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    I adore Annabel from your list, it's easy to get the nickname Anne if you like it. I'm not really a huge fan of the name Anne because I've never had good associations with the name (But that's just me), but I do love Annabel with the nickname Anna.
    I really love Elsa from your list too BUT Elsa Cora have the repeating -ah sound at the end, so I would use Elsie. I like Juliet, I think it's very pretty but I just don't love it. Although I think it would be quite refreshing to see the name Juliet on a child.
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