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    Anna Cora sounds pretty to me

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    My eldest niece is Annabelle and everyone loves her name! I think it is sweet and classic. Annabel Cora is beautiful.
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    I love Anne! This might be a little out there, but what about Anne Corabelle to help with the flow? That way you get the sweetness of Annabelle without having your daughter be limited by it in the first name spot. It appears that Corabelle is a real Greek name that means "beautiful maiden."
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    I absolutely adore Anne, but I'm not as big a fan of Annabel. However, the flow of Annabel Cora is much better than Anne Cora so that would be my choice for you.
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    Juliet(te): I have always particularly disliked this name, along with Ophelia. Sorry, but they're names from Shakespeare's TRAGEDIES. "Romeo and Juliet" is generally required reading in high school, so I think it's an association most people will make. I would either put this as a mn or else go with a different variation, like Juliana.

    Cora- I like Cora, although I have a bad association with it. Have you considered Corrine, Coralie, or Coraline?

    Anne- I have a friend named Anne, and I've always loved her name. It is a timeless name that matures well. It's not over-the-top by any means, and has few to no negative associations.

    Annabel- I actually don't like it as much as Anne. I see it as more trendy, and less sophisticated. Simply put, when she's a 35 year old lawyer, which will fit better... Anne or Annabel?

    Elsa- This feels too old to me... not sure why, though.

    Anne is a keeper.
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