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    Feel like I'm not making any progress!

    First off, Thank you thank you thank you for all the help. But... I'm back. So we made it down to four choices, then three, and then, well, we found some new loves. So can you please give us advice? The middle name will be Cora*

    Juliet(te): I had a very influential woman named Juliette growing up who I actually work with now. I would love to use her name but worry about the French pronunciation in America. So then Juliet. The woman I know goes by Julie, but I don't want that for my daughter. I just want Juliet. Will it get shortened?

    Cora- My mothers name, I would love to use it as a first name, but I don't know if I LOVE it. Although it being my mothers name makes up for that. If Cora were to be the first name, we have no clue what the middle would be. Possibly Lillian.

    Anne- The blog for today got me thinking about Anne, we have Annabel but I'll get to that later. I really think Anne has it all. Stylish, chic, simple, and feminine. What's not to love? I think it would be so refreshing to hear on a girl today. Anne Cora, though? Should we add another middle name to make it flow?

    Annabel- Anne with a sweet spot. I just see all pink and flowers with this name, but could that be its downfall? I don't want to confine my daughter to this idea of extreme femininity.

    Elsa- I've always liked Elsie, but is it too informal? Nicknamey I guess? I think Elsa is the most practical way of getting there. What do you think?

    All feedback is welcome. Thank you.

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    Have you thought about Coraline Juliana?

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    Re: Juliette, what do you mean about the "French pronunciation in America" ? The slight -uh at the end (in French) will be dropped, Juliette and Juliet will be pronounced identically in the US. Is that what you mean?

    Cora is lovely.

    I much prefer Anne to Annabel, personally. I know a lot of babies named Annabel/Annabelle/Anabelle variations, it always felt too frilly-for-the-sake-of-frilly to me. If you're looking for a lengthened version, there are many more than Annabel: Annelise (and variations) would fit well with Cora, but people are combining Anna left and right these days, so why not Annacora? Now that I type it it seems reminiscent of Anaconda...

    Love Elsa. Elspeth would be my choice as a route to both Elsie and Elsa, but there's also Elsabeth, Elsbet, and even Elisabeth.

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    I think you can tell people not to shorten the name Juliet, and I know a lot of people that just call me Carly. Also, have you thought of Juliet Marie? That sounds interesting, and it might work, though Juliet Cora could work too, in my opinion.

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    I don't think you can go wrong with any of the choices, honestly. I prefer Anna and Coralie to Anne and Cora, but your choices are fine too. Juliet and Annabel are favorites for me. I personally don't think Annabel is over the top frilly, but some people on here do and passively bash it for it.

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