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    Juliet(te): much prefer Juliet, it's more streamlined and elegant to me. Juliette just seems overdone. beautiful name. It's great to honour someone if she has a name you love. I say joo-lee-ETT, though I've heard JOO-lee-ett. It's pretty much the same to me. I doubt she'd really get nicknamed- I knew a Julia who was always Julia.

    Cora: sweet and cute, but too nicknamey for me. Would you consider Coraline, Cornelia or (my favourite) Cordelia?

    Anne: you said it right- stylish, chic, simple and feminine! very elegant without being frilly at all. Anne Cora is a bit choppy, but Cora Anne would work beautifully as a double first name if that's your thing

    Annabel- I do tend to love ultrafeminine names, and Annabel sure does it for me! pretty and frilly (in a good way!)

    Elsa- it works on its own. grounded and strong, but not my favourite from your list

    Order of preference:
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    Juliet- It might, it if you call her Juliet before she is old enough to care, she will grow up with that and consider it normal. I think you should stay away from it, though, if you really hate the possibility of Julie, Julia, Jules, etc.However, I do think it is a lovely name and Ireally like it.

    Cora- I think Cora Beth and Cora Jane flow well together. I think it's a classic, but you might want to consider, as pointed out above, Coraline or Cordelia or similar, but I think it works fine on it's own.

    Anne- If I'm totally honest, it's a little old-fashioned, but I think it's a very nice name. She could go by Annie for something a little more feminine, but overall one of the best classic names out there.

    Annabel- I like Annabelle better, and I do agree, but she can always go by Anne.

    Elsa- I agree. Elsie, while not my favorite name, isn't hated, but too nicknamey to stand on its own. If you pick this, go with Elsa.

    Anne Cora flows well, but I say no because, well, google Ancora. Cora Anne is nice, though.

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    I love the name Cora. Juliet is classy, but yes, she'll probably yet called Julie at least sometimes--so you'll have to weigh how you feel about that. Ann is my middle name and I've always found it dull, dull, dull. However, I do get that it has some good, strong, classy things going for it. (Annabel drives me nuts, I'm afraid; I just find it too cutesy.) Elsa is nice.

    Of all these, none really sound great with Cora as a middle name. But since it honors your mother, and she won't be called by both names often, perhaps it doesn't matter.

    Cora Anne is nice though.

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    I like Anne, and nn Annie, but Anne Cora, depending on surname, probably doesn't work. Anne Coraline is nice. And Anne Cora with another middle might work.

    Most Americans will probably say Juliet and Juliette exactly the same way. There will be exceptions but they'll be few. So I'd just pick the spelling you like best. As for nickname Julie, I'll say what I always say: if my grandmother can keep her red headed son Russell from being called Rusty, any mom can put a stop to any nickname. Just be vigilant. And provide her with another one, such as Jules or Etta. And then accept that when she's 13 she might decide she wants to be Julie and there will be very little you can do about it.

    Fwiw, I am not a Juliet/te fan. The Shakespeare association is too strong for me. I consider myself a romantic but a whiny 13 year old stabbing herself is too melodramatic even for me.

    Cora Lillian is lovely.

    I am not fond of Elsie. It sounds like a pet to me. Or a dairy cow. Elsa, on the other hand, I love. It's probably my favorite form of. Elizabeth. I think of old movie monsters and Weimar-era Berlin when I hear Elsa. I really love it pronounced ELL-za with the z sound like the Germans do but it'd be hard to achieve that in the US without spelling it Elza, which kind of looks weird. Unfortunately Elsa Cora does not work. But Elsa Coraline and Elsa Corinne are fantastic.

    Annabel is good. I never liked it much until recently, maybe because I associated it with a pet. My friend in high school had a dog called Annabel. But I also associate it with one of my favorite poems when I was a teenager, Annabel Lee by Poe. It's kind of morbid but it gives Annabel a luscious melancholy that's kind of interesting. Lots of great nicknames too. Annabel Cora is very nice.
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    Juliet Cora or Annabel Cora both would be lovely.
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