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  • Malorie Olivia Rose O'Connell

    7 12.28%
  • Isla Mirabelle Faith O'Connell

    12 21.05%
  • Merida Violet Jayne O'Connell

    10 17.54%
  • Lydia Madelyn Claire O'Connell

    10 17.54%
  • Genevieve (Evie) Elizabeth Rose O'Connell

    18 31.58%
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Thread: Final 3 :d

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    Final 3 :d

    Which of these for our little girl? Feel free to suggest other middle names, but the first names are final! She'll be joining Ciara(Key-ar-ah) Alison Grace O'Connell
    Ciara Alison Grace (age 4)

    Favourite Names:

    Emmeline, Juliette, Danielle, Mirabelle, Seraphina, Violet, Valerie, Merida
    Duncan, Declan, Landon, Jake, Liam, Patrick, Finn, Joshua, Adam, Andrew

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    My favorites are Merida Violet Jayne and Isla Mirabelle Faith! I think Malorie Olivia Rose fits the best with your daughter's name though.
    nineteen & renaming myself soon

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    I voted for Merida Violet Jayne. Spunky, eye-catching and with a touch of dramatic flair. I like how both Ciara and Merida are Celtic names.
    ~Love names, literature, royals and horses~ <3

    Favourite names:
    Girls: Azalea, Cordelia, Elizabeth, Rosalind, Scarlett, Felicity, Juliet
    Boys: Fitzwilliam, Sebastian, Percival, Oliver, Darcy, Orlando

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    My favourite is Evie Elizabeth Rose... But Genevieve Elizabeth Rose is too much of a mouthful.

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    Merida Violet Jayne wins, with Isla Mirabelle Faith second. I love Merida , goes well with Ciara (celtic connection) has the nn Merry (which I love just as much here as with Meredith) and has the added loveliness of it being the name Ciara wanted

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