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    mamamo LOVE that
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    Ooh, I like your taste in names! (As well as Elinor/Eleanor, Clare, Grace and Rufus are great loves of mine).

    Totally understand the pronunciation issue. For years I only liked Elinor, not Eleanor, because I would want it to be pronounced El-in-or (equal stress on each syllable, and 'or' not 'uh' at the end).

    However, I agree that Eleanor is pretty and I think it's fine if you're going to pronounce the final syllable 'uh' (like most of the world... I'm just awkward!). The middle syllable is regularly pronounced 'uh', 'eh' or 'i' with this spelling, so I don't think it'll be a problem. I'd stick with it
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    I personally prefer Eleanor, but if you're looking for the short I sound, Elinor fits better. Both are beautiful!
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    I prefer Elinor. Also, it seems as if you do, too. As a mom of an Annabel not Annabelle, the little extra headache of having to correct the spelling is well worth it for the name we love. Annabel has an entirely different feel than Annabelle, at least to me. I see Elinor and Eleanor the same way. Elinor is also the spelling Jane Austen used for Elinor Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility.
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    I went with Elinor which I love because I adore Sense and Sensibility and that is the spelling used. Sometimes I wonder though if that's the only reason I prefer that spelling because I like the more common Eleanor too. Tbh, you can't really go wrong either way. If you do go with the Elinor spelling there should be little to no pronunciation issues as it should be fairly obvious and if anyone spells it wrong they can be corrected easily enough.
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