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    Opinions on these girl and boy names?

    India Rose
    Pearl Willow
    Willow Isabelle
    Willow Belle
    Willow Sage

    Noah Benjamin
    Leo Elijah

    Thanks in advance for any opinions on these names.

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    I don't like the name Willow, too much of a stretch for my tastes. (I hate names like Rainbow and Heaven and Neveah too.) Rose is overplayed but could be a good nickname for a Rosalind or Rosalie. Isabella and all variations are too trendy. Sage is fun. India is interesting.

    I generally like the boy names but not together. They are all very popular. As a second grade teacher, I always have at least one of the above names in my class every year. Noah is it this year. Depends on if you want to be different or not. Seems like your female names are a bit more creative than your male names.

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    India Rose sounds exotic. I like it the best, even though I'm not into place names and I'd never use it myself.

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    India Rose- I like this one a lot!
    Pearl Willow- not my style, and Pearl seems old-fashioned and 'fusty' to me. Maybe Willow Pearl?
    Willow Isabelle- Gorgeous!
    Willow Belle- Willow Isabelle is far nicer.
    Willow Sage- Unless you want a really bold nature theme, I would say no.

    Noah Benjamin- this is a nice combo!
    Leo Elijah- absolutely magnificent!

    Out of the names you have, my favorites are Leo Elijah and India Rose. Willow Isabelle is also lovely!
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    India Rose - I'm not fond of country names, unless that country means a great deal to you and you understand it's history/culture, just seems a tad disrespectful
    Pearl Willow - the flow on this doesn't work, the L's don't compliment one another. What about Pearla Isabelle?
    Willow Isabelle - same as above, the flow doesn't feel right, though I like the concept of the name a lot better
    Willow Belle - this is okay, the flow works better and despite being very literal I think it could work. What about Willow Anabelle?
    Willow Sage - same as above, it works okay despite sage--I think the sound of this one is the best of all of them.

    Noah Benjamin - okay, both lovely names. I like it.
    Leo Elijah - I think Leo Benjamin would work much better as the L's aren't competing
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