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    WDYT of these middles for Victoria?

    This is just for fun for the moment. We're (mostly) set with names for this little bub, but I'd like to have a new list of favorite combos to consider for future children. Victoria is one of DH's favorite names, and I love it as well, but maybe a great middle name will help push it higher up the list.

    What do you think of these combos? Any favorites?

    Victoria Ashling (pron. Ash-leen)
    Victoria Arwen
    Victoria Beatrix
    Victoria Blythe
    Victoria Carys (pron. Cah-riss)
    Victoria Carmen
    Victoria Elinor
    Victoria Marian
    Victoria Meredith
    Victoria Salome
    Victoria Tanith
    Victoria Xanthe

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    I like Victoria Carys, Victoria Elinor, and Victoria Arwen best.

    Just a heads up, the correct pronunciation of Ashling is Ash-ling, not Ash-leen.

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    Victoria Elinor is my favorite. I particularly like this spelling of Elinor.
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    I wouldn't go for anything starting in A as the middle name, it runs into the end of Victoria (FWIW my understanding is that Aisling can be pronounced lin, ling or leen depending on what district of Ireland you're in, so I think Ash-leen is fine).

    Victoria Elinor is a little rhymey in my accent. I'm not liking the longer names with it for some reason so I think my favourites are Blythe And Xanthe. Victoria Xanthe would be a nice pair to Catherine Ophelia IMHO.

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    I love Victoria Xanthe! I agree that it sounds awkward to have the first name end in 'a' and the middle name start with a vowel sound.
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