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    Need Names from Jane Austen's Time!!

    I am writing a book that's set in the 1800's England and the setting would be out of a Jane Austen!
    Currently obsessed with Jane Austen and kinda always have been!

    My MC family's last name is the Sweet.

    Esther Naomi Sweet - main character
    George Isaac Sweet
    Matthew Benedict Sweet
    Louis Uriah Sweet
    Simon Gabriel Sweet

    Loving Parents:
    Mr. Benedict Sweet
    Mrs. Caroline Sweet
    plus the family dog & cat: Chester & Minny

    But I'm stuck with names for minor characters? I have the people but they don't have any names.
    I need old, victorian-ish names for men, women and children!
    It would be super helpful! thanks!
    I would like to hear how you like the names i've already chosen.
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    17 year old name lover, aspiring writer & hopeful cosmetologist/makeup artist

    Girls - Meredith, Leal, Aviva, Camilla, Magnolia, Loretta, Mona, Gabby, Tullia, Veronica
    Eliana, Ruby, Georgia, Esther, Ginny

    Boys - Frank, Soren, Troy, Wes, Sebastian, George, Dawson, James, Loren,
    Cameron, Lincoln, Kirby, Yannick, Levi.

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