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    Need Names from Jane Austen's Time!!

    I am writing a book that's set in the 1800's England and the setting would be out of a Jane Austen!
    Currently obsessed with Jane Austen and kinda always have been!

    My MC family's last name is the Sweet.

    Esther Naomi Sweet - main character
    George Isaac Sweet
    Matthew Benedict Sweet
    Louis Uriah Sweet
    Simon Gabriel Sweet

    Loving Parents:
    Mr. Benedict Sweet
    Mrs. Caroline Sweet
    plus the family dog & cat: Chester & Minny

    But I'm stuck with names for minor characters? I have the people but they don't have any names.
    I need old, victorian-ish names for men, women and children!
    It would be super helpful! thanks!
    I would like to hear how you like the names i've already chosen.
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    17 year old name lover, aspiring writer & hopeful cosmetologist/makeup artist

    Girls - Meredith, Leal, Aviva, Camilla, Magnolia, Loretta, Mona, Gabby, Tullia, Veronica
    Eliana, Ruby, Georgia, Esther, Ginny

    Boys - Frank, Soren, Troy, Wes, Sebastian, George, Dawson, James, Loren,
    Cameron, Lincoln, Kirby, Yannick, Levi.

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    These are from a book of mine which lists the most popular names of the 1700s:

    Girls: Mary, Elizabeth, Ann, Sarah, Jane, Margaret, Susan, Martha, Hannah, Catherine, Alice, Frances, Eleanor, Dorothy, Isabel, Grace, Joan, Rachel, Agnes, Ellen, Maria, Lydia, Ruth, Deborah, Judith, Joanna, Marjorie, Jenny, Barbara, Bridget, Lucy, Eliza, Nancy, Emma, Charlotte, Dinah, Sally, Harriet, Caroline

    Boys: John, William, Thomas, Richard, James, Robert, Joseph, Edward, Henry, Samuel, Francis, Charles, Daniel, Benjamin, Edmund, Matthew, Peter, Nicholas, Christopher, Abraham, Jonathan, Philip, Michael, Hugh, Joshua, Anthony, Ralph, Andrew, David, Roger, Alexander, Laurence, Nathaniel, Walter, Timothy, Martin, Luke

    As for the names you already have I think they're generally fine, but Rosemary, Chester and Morgan seem to stand out. In all my years of doing family research, I've never really come across these names pre-1850s. That's not to say they weren't used, it's just they weren't very common at all. Also, George Chester looks like the odd one out because he doesn't have a biblical name, yet his siblings do.

    Good luck with your writing

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    I'm not sure about the Rebecca part, so try something like Margaret nn Maggie for one of the girls, and try names like Elizabeth, Edward, and James for the guys.

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    This is a really useful list of names around the late Georgian/Regency period. As you can see, there wasn't a lot of variation, especially for women.

    Rebecca is okay for a girl, and Susannah, but as that link points out Old Testament names weren't generally used by the upper classes. So it depends on what class your family belongs to, as well.

    Be very careful and err on the side of conservative, because if anything pulls people out of a historical story it's anachronistic names. They WERE all called Jane and Mary, it's just how it was.

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