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    Elijah vs. Joseph

    Hey ladies! We've narrowed down our choices to Elijah and Joseph. I have questions about each.

    Elijah- I love this name, it has no connection to our family except through our faith. We like the name Eli although I prefer Elijah. If we didn't go with Joseph, Elijah's name would be Elijah Joseph or Elijah Scott. Which do you prefer? Scott more directly honors the baby's grandfather.

    Joseph- My only reservation about Joseph is the inevitable nickname Joe(y). Instead of Joe we were going to use Jay. Too much of a stretch? We adore Jay but think its too short as a formal given name. We can't use James, unfortunately. It would make things much easier! Joseph Scott? Yay or nay?

    Thank you!!
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    I would go with Elijah Joseph. I think that flows better than Elijah Scott. And Eli is a better nn than Joey.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paw View Post
    I would go with Elijah Joseph. I think that flows better than Elijah Scott. And Eli is a better nn than Joey.
    We would avoid the Joey nickname with Jay.

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    I prefer Joseph. I've known a Joseph (and a Jonathan) who went by Jay for short, so it's completely plausible. Joseph Scott is handsome.
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    I like both Elijah and Joseph. My initial thought would be to go with Joseph to avoid Eli, which I've never really liked (the Biblical Elijah is great--the Biblical Eli isn't!), but then again, I like all the options with Joseph (except for, apparently, Jay!)--Joseph with no nn, Joe, Joey, Joss--I had a really good friend in high school named Joseph nn Joe, so I am quite fond of just Joe, personally, but I understand not everyone else is. So Elijah Scott gets my vote, but I really love Joseph Scott, too.

    Good luck!
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