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Thread: Adelaide?

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    Question Adelaide?

    So like any other name obsessed girl in a committed relationship, I started planning our future kids. Luckily, me and my SO have similar taste in names. For girls we both adore Colette, Leah, and I liked Rosalie but he didn't. So our search for a replacement for Rose began.
    Names I've Suggested:

    Then outta the blue I said to him, "Adelaide?" and he fell head over heels in love with it and the nn Addy. He said I need to remember that one for our future girl. But I'm not so sure.. I know the whole Addy thing is super popular right now but that doesn't really bother me. I'm more concerned with just the name itself. What does everyone think? Do you imagine a little blonde hair blue eyed girl (that's what she'll most likely be, genetically speaking)? Any suggestions of other names to go with Colette and Leah are welcome too!

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    Blonde hair with big sparkling blue eyes is exactly how I picture Adelaide. I love Addy as a nickname, but Ada could work too. Some other ideas- Genevieve, Eloise, Vivienne, Mabel.

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    I like Adelaide, I think it's pretty and goes really well with Colette. I don't feel it goes that well with Leah though.

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    I love Adelaide! It is my newest name obsession!

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    I know an Adelaide with the nickname Adi. I personally prefer the 'Adi' spelling to 'Addy' or even 'Addie'. I think it's a bit more modern looking than the other two. She's about 25, so I think it transitions well into adulthood. But, I had never seen the 'Addy' spelling before - so that could explain why I'm partial to the 'Adi' spelling!

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