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Thread: Roselda??

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    I have looked at several variations of Rose and this one keeps coming back. I am not expecting, but I like to think of names. Currently I am debating between Roselda and Rosemary, the MN will be Virginia (that's etched in stone). Thoughts?
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    Roselda is stunningly beautiful, and it flows very well with Virginia... so Roselda gets my vote.
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    I don't like the sound of Roselda. I like the sound of Rosemary better and think it's really sweet with Virginia.

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    Tough call:

    Roselda - I like it but Roselda and Virginia together bug me for some reason. It seems to be the elda-inya sounds.
    Rosemary - I like Rosemary a lot and think Rosemary Virginia sounds more pleasant to my ear.

    I also like Rosalie Virginia. BUT you really only say both names together rarely and your surname may change the flow of the first two. So, my usual recommendation is to go with what you love.

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    I like Roselda Virginia. Its so much more vibrant than Virginia.
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