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    New Around here and need opinions

    I have always used Namberry as my resource to find names but for some reason I never signed up. DH and I have our 3rd due Nov 1st. It takes us forever to agree on names so we've already been brainstorming. Obviously I don't know what we are having yet but he and I can't get on board with any girls names.

    We have 2 girls already. Aliza Helene (Aliza is pronounced like Eliza but with the Ah sound). DH was dead set on Eliza but didn't want it said Ee-Liza. Whatever I wasn't going to fight when it was enough to find a name we agreed on. She is named after my Great Grandma who was Alice and my Mom who was named Helen. We have even thought of changing her mn to Helen but I keep going back and forth.

    My other daughter is Liana Eve (lee ah na). She is named after an uncle named Larry who passed away and my Great Aunt Evelyn.

    Our last name is 3 syllables and starts with an S and ends with an N. I like older names but DH is a little harder to sway that way. And I do not like top 100 names at all! I prefer to name after the dead but I don't think we are this time because we don't like anything with the names we have. So baby's Hebrew name will be after someone.

    Anyways, for a boy I think we like Tobias (Toby) Clark S....

    For girls, names on my list that are favorites are Mabel and Hazel but I typically like 3 syllable names and I prefer for my names to have a good meaning and the meaning of Hazel just isn't doing it for me

    Any girl suggestions that are whatever my style is? Do you think the boys name works? I love Clark as a first name but DH was writing up combos of the names from my list and he put Toby Clark and I really liked it but I prefer Toby as a NN since I don't think it ages well.

    I swear this was easier with my first 2!

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