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    When it is hard to chose, do we LIKE too many or just don't LOVE any.

    I am just musing on why I always struggle naming my kids. Still figuring out baby #6 and wondered why/what others had a difficult time chosing?

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    I'm the only one, huh? Any anyone else really struggle and why?

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    I get that. There is a long long list of names we like but would never use for one reason or another. I also feel like the more children you have the harder it would get (we only have 2 so far I'm not completely sure on this one). I know with our first, Lilla, we really wanted her name to be short like ours (Ross & Sara) and feminine like mine, with no nicknames. With our second, Vivienne we weren't against nicknames (her's is Vivi) so that allowed us to use a longer name. We also wanted their names, and any subsequent children, to be distinctively different. So no repeating first letters or ending sounds. Once we started looking at names for our third (we are still just ttc) french names became a problem, we really like Eloise (or Emmaline, Madeleine, Adelaide, Genevieve) but Lilla, Vivienne and Eloise has a definite trend going on that didn't include our first daughter. I feel like it's a bit easier to choose a different gender, which would be a boy for us, just because you have a bit more wiggle room with things. Because of how feminine our girls names are we will have to go with something equally masculine for a boy. So right now we have Eleanor and Rufus picked out as our potentially baby number 3 names and we love them. We also have Penelope picked out for a fourth girl but Rufus does pose problems for potential brothers but we'll deal with that when we get there.
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