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    If you're interested in using a virtue name in the middle spot, I think Georgia Faith, Georgia Verity, and Georgia Patience are all lovely.

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    I too can't think of any reason to tease Georgia. I taught a nine-year-old Georgia in camp once; awesome name, even on younger kids! It ages so well. Georgia is on my list, honoring a grandfather

    Sorry for repeats:
    Georgia Abigail
    Georgia Magdalen(e)
    Georgia Mary
    Georgia Miriam
    Georgia Yael
    Georgia Amity
    Georgia Faith
    Georgia Hope
    Georgia Meritt
    Georgia Felicity
    Georgia Blythe
    Georgia Natalie
    Georgia Ellen
    Georgia Claire
    Georgia Alice
    Georgia Faye
    Georgia Quinn

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    Georgia would be a lovely sibling name for Mae's sister. Both names have spunk with a little sass added in for good measure. I don't know why you would think it had teasing potential. Personally, I can't think of any issues. Since Georgia is a place name, I would eliminate any word names in the middle spot to avoid combos that are too descriptive.

    Georgia Louise
    Georgia Emmeline
    Georgia Claire
    Georgia Beatrice
    Georgia Bernadette
    Georgia Lucille
    Georgia Estelle
    Georgia Vivian
    Georgia Frances
    Georgia Catherine
    All the best,

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    I think the teasing potential would depend on the sensitivity level of the kid. I know a 7-year-old Georgia and I've asked her if she gets teased, she's always said no. I hear people call her George, Georgie, Georgia-pordgia and curious George, but she doesn't object to any of it. A more sensitive kid might get upset, but I'd imagine only mildly.

    I think it's relatively tease-proof! It's sweet and spunky, classic yet fresh. Great name.

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