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    Georgia on my mind

    Hi all,
    DH and I are TTC, so I've been thinking about our list again. I mentioned Georgia to DH the other day and surprisingly enough he loved it. I *think* I love it, but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to use it on my child. Do you think this name has a lot of teasing potential? I know it's a pretty classic name, but we live in a small community in the Midwest where most people use names like Lilly, McKenzie, and other more popular options.

    The other issue I have with it is that we are having a hard time choosing a middle name. At one point we had said that we would like all our children to have a biblical name somewhere in their name, but I don't know of one that flows well with Georgia. Also, if there isn't one we like or like the meaning of, then I don't see the point in forcing that theme. Any suggestions on biblical names or just regular names? We'be already used Elizabeth. Thanks!
    Mommy to sweet girls with more to come 💕

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