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    Well of course you could end an H at the end, but only for certain names. Others you could end with "lee" "ly", "ley", "lei", "lynn", "laide" or "line"; sometimes even an "s".

    Corah, Coralee, Coraley, Coralei, Coralynn, Coralaide, Coraline

    Auralee, Auroralee, Auraley, Auroraly, Auralei, Auroralei, Auralynn, Auroralyn, Auralaide, Auraline, Auroraline, Aurorus

    Fionalee, Fionaly, Fionalei, Fionalynn, Fionaline, Fionus

    Elenah, Elenalee, Elenalynn, Elenaline Elenis

    Silvy, Silvaly, Silvalei, Silvalyn, Silvias

    Anorah, Anoralee, Anoralei, Anoralyn, Anoralaide, Anoraline, Annoris

    Norah, Noralee, Noralei, Noralynn, Noralaide, Noraline

    Tessah, Tessalee, Tessalynn, Tessaline, or just Tess.

    Or you could just look up names that are similar to them, but don't end in A.

    Personally, I don't think there's anything wrong with two sisters with names ending in A; most people won't even notice it.
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