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    oh, some fun lists. A lot of them are relatives' names or awkward to use. (did we name the baby after her sort of thing) I will sort them out, talk to DH and update this post. Thanks guys!
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    Top 3:
    Coralie -Still iffy, but I do like it best as a formal name Cora
    Eleanor - Way better FN for NN Nora... but DH thinks it feel old lady-ish
    Sadie - Love this name, but I still get an image of a cute puppy when I think about it.

    For the most part names that deviate from one with A endings either just do not wow me or they are possible NNs. (I have been attached to most of the names for a year, so they are hard to top) I welcome any names outside of this list that has a new feel yet similar style would be great. (Am I being difficult or what? Sorry!) I appreciate your input!
    Mama to my princes Kuyper Aaron, Zane Henry, Charles (Charlie) Lloyd, and Finley Miles.

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