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    Which of these do you like best?

    So the husband and I looked through the list of names you guys came up with in the previous thread an it's been really helpful. We've taken the ones we somewhat like/are willing to consider further and are now trying to narrow that down as well. So if you could say your top ones of these and if there's any you really don't think fit, to try and shorten that list. Brother Dominic, surname the rather common J___son.

    Annabel (would use nickname Anna or Annie, not Belle/Bella)
    Rosalind (I like nickname Rosa, he prefers Rosie)
    Ellen (only as a middle - I think it's too close to cousin Eleanor to use as a first)
    Isobel (again, would be Izzy not Belle/Bella)
    Jasmine (would this work with J____son as a surname? I like it, but not sure if it goes?)

    and one he came up with all by himself - Tabitha (he says he heard it at work and liked the sound of it - it's a complete contrast to his previous list but I'm not complaining!)

    We've got no idea on a middle name either but I'm willing to let him have one of his names off his original list as a middle if he'll accept a different first name.

    Also, are there any boyish potential nicknames for any of these we're yet to spot? Because as soon as we do, they'll be off as one of his conditions. Don't want to fall in love with a name only to not be able to use it.

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    deciding between Maxwell . Calvin . Finn

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    Annabel - Can never go wrong with Anna!
    Lucy - Lucia is pretty, but can get the Loo chee a/Loo sha/Loo see a, pronounciation debate.
    Eliza(beth) - Either way is nice; you use Eliza as the primary name with or without the Elizabeth as a formal name.
    Tessa - Very pretty
    Suzanna - I prefer Susanna
    Imogen - Pronounciation can be an issue, like this name straight, without a nickname.
    Isobel - Spelling might be an issue, but I do like the "o".
    Tabitha - A sweet name. I work with a Tabitha, she gets called Tabby all the time, so if this isn't ok with you I would think again.

    Won't suggest middle names at this time. Some of these names go well with Ellen but once to pare down to a few, start the middle name hunt in earnest.
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    Thanks for all your replies, it's really helpful to know what names other people think work best.

    I didn't realise Lucia had so many variations on how to say it. I've always thought the English way to say it was Loo-see-a, and Loo-chee-a was the Spanish way. May have to leave that one if it's going to be a big issue.

    I don't know how else to say Imogen though, it's always imm-uh-jen to me.

    And I don't mind Tabby, what about Bith/Beth as a nickname or is it too weird? Tabby's cute on a child but I can't see her using it once she's a bit older.

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