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    I think Diane, or Diana would make a beautiful choice. And since you asked... (this might be a bit too far, but then I do like honouring names of which the 'honouring' bit is only immediately apparent to the parents/family)...any variation of John, because (hear me out) of Don Juan/Don Giovanni (which is what immediately sprung to my mind). So, here is a small list:
    ASIA (2) f Polish
    CHEVONNE f Irish
    GENETTE f English (Modern)
    GIANNA f Italian
    GIOVANNA f Italian
    GIOVANNETTA f Italian
    HANNAH (2) f German, Scandinavian, Finnish, Dutch
    HANNE (1) f Danish, Norwegian, German
    HANNELE f Finnish
    HANNIE f Dutch
    IOANA f Romanian
    IOANNA f Greek
    IONELA f Romanian
    IVA f Czech, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian
    IVANA f Czech, Serbian, Croatian, Slovene, Bulgarian
    IVANKA f Czech, Slovene, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian
    IVANNA f Russian
    JACKIE m & f English
    JAN (2) f English
    JANA f Dutch, German, Czech, Slovak, Slovene
    JANAE f English (Modern)
    JANCIS f English
    JANE f English
    JANEKA f English (Modern)
    JANEL f English
    JANELE f English (Modern)
    JANELLA f English (Modern)
    JANELLE f English
    JANENE f English (Modern)
    JANESSA f English (Modern)
    JANET f English
    JANETTA f English
    JANETTE f English
    JANEY f English
    JANICE f English
    JANIE f English
    JANINA f Polish, Finnish, German, Swedish, Lithuanian
    JANINE f English
    JANIS (2) f English
    JANNA f Dutch, Swedish, English
    JANNAH f English (Modern)
    JANNE (2) f Danish, Norwegian
    JANNEKE f Dutch
    JANNETTE f English (Modern)
    JANNICKE f Scandinavian
    JANNIKE f Scandinavian
    JANNINE f English (Modern)
    JANTINE f Dutch
    JANTJE f Dutch
    JAYNA f English (Modern)
    JAYNE f English
    JAYNIE f English (Modern)
    JEAN (2) f English
    JEANA f English
    JEANE f English
    JEANETTE f English
    JEANIE f English
    JEANINE f French, English
    JEANNA f English
    JEANNE f French
    JEANNETTE f French
    JEANNIE f English
    JEANNINE f French, English
    JENELLE f English
    JENNA f English
    JENNI (1) f Finnish
    JENNI (2) f English
    JENNIE f English
    JENNY f English
    JESSI f English
    JESSIE (1) f Scottish
    JOAN (1) f English
    JOANA f Portuguese, Catalan
    JOANDRA f English (Modern)
    JOANN f English
    JOANNA f English, Polish, Biblical
    JOANNE f English
    JOASIA f Polish
    JOHANA f Czech
    HANNA f Icelandic
    JOHANNA f German, Scandinavian, Dutch, Hungarian, Finnish, Estonian
    JOHANNE f Danish, Norwegian
    JOHANNEKE f Dutch
    JOHNA f English
    JOHNNA f English
    JOHNNIE m & f English
    JÓNA f Icelandic
    JONE f Basque
    JONELLE f English
    JONETTE f Norwegian, English
    JONI (1) f English
    JONIE f English
    JONNA f Danish, Swedish, Finnish
    JOVANA f Serbian
    JOVANKA f Serbian
    JUANA f Spanish
    JUANITA f Spanish
    LASHAWN f & m English (Modern)
    LASHONDA f English (Modern)
    NANA (1) f Greek
    NINA f Italian
    OANA f Romanian
    SEANNA f English (Modern)
    SEONA f Scottish
    SEONAG f Scottish
    SEÒNAID f Scottish
    SHAN f English
    SHANA f English
    SHAUNA f English
    SHAVONNE f Irish, English
    SHAWNA f English
    SHAWNDA f English
    SHAYNE m & f English
    SHEENA f Scottish, English
    SHEENAGH f English (Modern)
    SHENA f English
    SHEONA f English
    SHEVAUN f Irish, English
    SHEVON f Irish, English
    SHONA f Scottish
    SHONDA f English (Modern)
    SIÂN f Welsh
    SIANA f Welsh
    SIANI f Welsh
    SÍNE f Irish
    SÌNE f Scottish
    SINÉAD f Irish
    SÌNEAG f Scottish
    SIOBHAN f Irish
    SIONED f Welsh
    SIWAN f Welsh
    TAJUANA f English (Modern)
    TEASAG f Scottish
    VANJA f Scandinavian
    VANNA (1) f Italian
    XOANA f Galician
    YAN m Bulgarian
    YANA f Bulgarian
    YANNIC m & f Breton, French
    YANNICK m & f Breton, French
    YOANA f Bulgarian
    ZHANNA f Russian
    ZHANNOCHKA f Russian
    ZSANETT f Hungarian

    Sorry if you hate all of them or you think it's too far-fetched - good luck though!

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    Hmmm... Not a big fan of Donna, and Diana is really not related in my mind.

    Names with similar meanings to Donna:
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    I quite like Donna, and think you would be ahead of the curve in using it.
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    Is her maiden name usable? Diana might could work if the first and middle initials are the same. I think Diana is just as dated as Donna though, so I don't see it as an improvement.

    If it were me, I would put either Donna or Donna's maiden name in the middle spot.
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    Her maiden name isnt usable. Possibly for a boy but not a girl.

    Thank you for all responses!

    I like Madonna, I just wish it didnt have to be forever associated with THE Madonna ha ha.

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