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    I think Diana can honor Donna. People use the same initials all the time. I know a Jennifer named after John since they have the same initials. I also know E. Margaret who honors another E. Margaret, but the Es are different. I see nothing weird about this. Maybe if grandma's name is Donna Anne you name your daughter Diana Ariel, or Daphne Annika. or If Grandma is Donna Smith, you could do Diana Smith, Daphne Smith, Daphne Serena, etc. I like all of the these.
    Another option you said her name was LaDonna. How about Leda or Lydia, etc.
    Finally Donna means lady...
    I love both Martha
    They mean lady and they are on my all times favorite list.

    You have a good heart; that's in the right place. Good Luck!

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    Dinah paired with a name similar to her middle name in the middle? Even Diana with a similar name in the middle. Or, just a name you like, and then use Donna as the middle name.
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    I could see it working fine in the middle name spot.... especially if paired with a more "frilly" first name, examples:
    Isabella Donna
    Olivia Donna
    and so on.....
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    Personally, if I was using a name to honor someone I would just use their name as the middle name. But there are no hard and fast rules about honoring and I think you should go with what you like best.
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