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    Re thinking my boys names

    So, I have a few boys names I love, and a lot of middle names I love. I am not expecting, but I would love to have a longer list for boys. If any of you could suggest names that I may like, I would love that! To give you an idea of what I like, here are the names I love:
    Quinten- I love the nn possibility of Quin, I think it is a nice boys name
    Harrison- My grandmothers maiden name is Harris, and I like the nn Harris, but I love Harrison as a full name!
    Russell- Such a cute name!
    MN (All names that I want to use in some way as middle names)
    Porter- Only bad thing about Porter is that when I get married, I see myself hyphenating my last name with my partners, so I feel the name will be too last name-y)
    Jonah/Law- both in honor of my grandfather Larry Joe
    Bodhi- A bit of a guilty pleasure...

    Names I kind of like, but for some reason, would not be able to use:
    Noah- too popular
    Nathaniel- My brother (possible use of Nate for middle in honor of him?)
    Maxwell- Cousin/too popular

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    I really like Rhys, Jude, Jonah, Noah, Nathaniel and Maxwell!

    If Maxwell is too popular for you, have you thought of Maximilian?

    Our styles aren't too similar, but what do you think of Eli, Felix, Finn, Leo, Levi, Miles/Milo, or Neil?
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    I love the name Jude!

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