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    I prefer Callan, mostly because I'm not a fan of Nolan. Callan does feel very trendy though, even more so than Nolan. Callum, Calix, or Calvin (as suggested above) feel contemporary like Callan, but I wouldn't consider them trendy.
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    To me, Waylon and Nolan are very similar feeling.
    What about Ronan? Or Rowan?

    Callen seems trendy. What about Calvin?

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    I love both of your name choices, I honestly cant pick which I prefer! You have a tough choice!

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    Thanks for weighing in on my choices! I shared your suggestions with DH, but this late in the game I think he wants to stick with what we've got. Considering hubby's name is Neal, which is Irish and has a similar sound and feel as Nolan, I think it is most likely we'll choose Nolan.

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    I just met someone named Kallin. he's never met anyone with the same name and has never had any bad nicknames.
    i like the spelling and the sound, i've added it to my list.

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