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    Narrowed down to 10 with possible middles! Which would you choose?

    I think I've narrowed down my list of 50 to 10. Wow, do I feel accomplished! :lol: The names that are left are the ones I just couldn't part with. Possible middles are Daisy, Joy, Lily, Ramona, Sue, and Violet, all with deep personal meaning. I've listed my preferred nickname along side, though the name would be mostly used in full. Thoughts? Opinions? Which would you choose to go along with Caleb Nicholas and Annabel Hope? If it helps, our pick for another boy is Owen Christopher. Thanks!

    Elizabeth "Betsy"
    Felicity "Fey"
    Katherine "Kit or Kitty"
    Madeleine "Molly or Maud"
    Margaret "Daisy"
    Rosalie "Rosie"
    Tabitha "Bit or Bitsy" or maybe something different?
    Virginia "Ginny"
    Mama to Caleb Nicholas, Annabel Hope, and Grace Ramona

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    What a great list of names! I love:


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    Think Virginia-Ginny is a really nice name for a girl.
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    My very favorite is Felicity, but I'm a bit biased because that's the name I'm leaning towards for one of my twin girls. I think it's a beautiful name and goes great with your other children's names too.

    I like Felicity Rose
    ~Mommy to a sweet boy named Connor, an angel baby named Sean who passed away unexpectedly in March 2012, and twin girls Ruby and Felicity

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    I think you've got some great names there! Some combinations I love: Elizabeth Joy, Felicity Violet, Katherine Ramona and Tabitha Lily. However, I actually think Madeleine sounds best with Caleb and Annabel! Sorry. :P
    Caleb Nicholas, Annabel Hope and Madeleine Daisy - Sounds great, but could be a bit much with a long surname.
    Caleb Nicholas, Annabel Hope and Madeleine Joy - Personal favourite! And if she grows out of Molly or Maud, there's always MJ. ;D
    Caleb Nicholas, Annabel Hope and Madeleine Lily - Another favourite, but again, syllable count.
    Caleb Nicholas, Annabel Hope and Madeleine Ramona - Love the name Ramona, but possibly too long. I'd suggest Mona, but with the M first name...
    Caleb Nicholas, Annabel Hope and Madeleine Sue - Sounds okay, but not my favourite. Sue sounds a bit 'filler'-y.
    Caleb Nicholas, Annabel Hope and Madeleine Violet - Same problem as the others, but of the longer middle names I think this sounds best.
    Sorry for my inexpert advice, just thought I'd give my two cents!
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