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Thread: nn for Tabitha

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    nn for Tabitha

    I have been hanging around this site for a while but this is my first post.
    My SO and I have been discussing names and we both like Matilda and Tabitha. Matilda is very popular where we live but we dislike nn Tibby /Tabby for Tabitha.
    We also both like the name Lillian and although this is not popular as either of the above, Lily and its variants are in the top 10.

    Could we name a girl Tabitha Lillian nn Tilly or is this too much of a stretch?


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    I think Tilly is a feat nn for a Tabitha Lillian. That is a beautiful name.
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    cool =)
    at least one person thinks yes then? he he = )

    I've just discovered the name Talitha too, maybe this could be an option?

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    I really love the name Tabitha but could never pull the trigger on it simply because I really loath the nn Tabby. I do like the nn Tilly but it would be hard to keep others away from Tabby I think. I do love the name, best of luck!

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    Tabitha Lillian "Tilly" is perfect!
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