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    I speak Spanish but my German is nonexistent...I know how to say "No" and that's about it. What about Ludovic or Leonard?
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    Thank you for your suggestions. I love that you focused on the -o ending, esp since it's so stereotypical for spanish-speaking cultures and I have absolutely none on my list. Good catch.

    Bonaventure - what a spectacular name! Thanks for digging that up.

    Ramon - your right this really does work in all three languages. Sadly it just doesn't get my heart to skip a beat.

    I do so love Johan but it's too close to both my grandfather's name, and my uncles name (both Hans). The rest of your suggestions are equally distinguished. Cheers!

    Ludovic is a brilliant suggestion if I didn't already have Ludwig I'd jump on it. But my long time love for Beethoven gives Ludwig an edge. (But I'm so keeping it in mind should me SO one day consider a Ludwig variant. Thanks!).

    Wow your suggestions are great!
    Though, you did hit the mother-load of family names: My name is Alexandra so Xander and Alejandro would just feel awkward. Cristian, Hubert and Andreas are too close to my SO, his sister and my uncles names (not in order). I have a second cousin named Gunter who we see a lot and another family member named T(h)omas.
    -> That's almost 1 in 3! Color me impressed.

    From Everyone's suggestions I particularly enjoy:
    Frederico, Bonaventure, Niklaus, Cornelius, Leonard and Ludovic, Lucio, Oscar, Luca(s), Augustin and Emil

    I like but don't love:
    Florian, Dominic, Fabian, Dexter and Alonso
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