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    Spanish speaking Germanic Warriors

    Yup, I think that's exactly what I'm looking for.
    Not pregnant or TTC.
    I just feel a little unsettled now that my top 10 list is incomplete and Wolfgang isn't an option anymore. So I'd love to tap the NB brilliance for ideas.

    I posted a thread a little while ago about finding a 10th little (boy) warrior name. (Thought not in those words).
    I think I'm looking for something strong and spunky that works well in English, German and Spanish. (The closer the pronunciation is in all three languages the better).

    Previous NB suggestion that I love but just aren't right are: Alvar (too similar to Alaric and Elva), Jasper (looses it's charm in German and Spanish. I mean Jah-sper or Has-per?), Constantin, Frederick, Theodor, & Sebastian (amazing names but I just don't love them), Hector & Vincent (too close to Victor), Oscar (I love it now but don't think I'll love it long term), Leopold.

    I'm up for all and any suggestions that you think might fit the bill. TiA.
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