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    Best way to use Margaret

    Hi Berries,
    Our baby is due in less than 2 weeks - and while we are expecting it to be a boy, you just never know - so I'm finalising our girl name just in case. First name will definitely be Clara and I'd like to honour my grandmother by using her middle name Margaret, but I'm not sure about flow and am open to suggestions of variations on Margaret. I also need a second middle (one syllable) as girls in our family have 2 middles. I'm considering Jane or Eve at the moment, but again, the flow isn't working for me so some alternatives there would be great. Before we were told it was a boy I had Clara Matilda Jane as an almost definite girls name, but I think it would be nice to use Margaret somehow if I could.

    Clara Margaret (something about the repeated 'ar' sound just doesn't seem to work)
    Clara Margo (same again)
    Clara Maisie
    Clara .....???

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