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    Longer names - Four letter nn

    Hello all!

    I'm kind of digging the fact that all of my favorite names either are four letters or easily/naturally shorten to four letters. I think this would be kind of an adorable "theme" for a set of siblings, so I was hoping you could help me expand my list of names that are longer (doesn't have to be LONG, just longer than four letters) that shorten to four letters.

    My absolute favorite names are Alexander (Alex), Mark, Jack, Evan, Adam and Patrick (with no nickname... this is an outlier).

    Some longer names with four letter nn's that I like are Nathan/iel (but have a fiance Nathan), Lucas, Colton, Finnian, Nicholas (nn Cole, never Nick), and Zachary.

    Names I DISLIKE (to give you a better feel of my style) include David/Dave, Jacob/Jake, Joshua/Josh, William/Will/Bill/Liam, Matthew/Matt, Michael/Mike, etc.

    I know I'm forgetting a ton and I hope you lovely berries could help me out! Thank you in advance!

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