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    I would spell it Blythe.

    Blithe is like blithering as in "blithering idiot".

    I also like that Blythe goes up and down. When she spells her name there will be more of a dynamic and it's more interesting than if it never goes below the line.

    Also Blithe would have to correct people on how to spell her name. Blythe wouldn't have to.

    Lastly, Blithe contains lithe, which could be mean and strange to live up to.

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    Blythe Abigail is beautiful.
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    I like Blithe for a boy or girl mn (Yes, Blithe is unisex). I looks more sophisticated and airy. Not a big fan of it as a fn

    Blythe is more well-known so it would avoid spelling problems. If that doesn't bother you then I prefer the lightness of Blithe

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    Blythe - definitely Blythe!

    Blythe Abigail is beautiful!

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    Blithe is a word, Blythe is a name.

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