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    Isla, Quinn or Lauren for our girl?

    I realize these are all very different names. We cannot decide between the three! Big sister's name is Ellie. I think Isla goes well with Ellie. I'm kind of into nicknames though and Isla doesn't really have a nickname. I love Lo for a nickname for Lauren. My husband loves Quinn for a girl and it's growing on me! Name suggestions with cute nicknames also welcome

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    I love Isla! It's by far my favorite of the three. I like Quinn, but not nearly as much as I do Isla. Lauren just seems really outdated to me. I like Q for Quinn, but I can't really think of a nickname for Isla.
    Just a suggestion! Have you thought about Lorelei/Lorelai or Laurel instead of Lauren? They're cousins of Lauren, but much much fresher.
    Best of luck!

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    Wow, they are all very different, but I agree that all three go well with Ellie in their own way.

    You could always call Isla "Izzie"/"Izzy." Ellie and Izzie make a pretty adorable duet. I don't love the name Isla on its own - it strikes me as a bit dramatic against an easygoing name like Ellie, but a nickname could certainly fix that.

    Lo is such a neat nickname! My name is Laura and I always lamented my lack of a nickname growing up - wish someone had thought of Lo The name Lauren itself feels a little dated to me. Have you considered Laurel?

    Quinn isn't my favorite, but "Ellie and Quinn" does have a nice ring to it. There's something really spunky and sprightly there.

    Anyway, I'm not sure you can go wrong with any of those three!

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    Ellie and Isla sound way too similar, despite looking very different. You're basically just changing the vowel sounds.

    Both Quinn and Lauren are nice, though!
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    I love Isla, though I am biased. I do not think Ellie and Isla are too close. The only thing is you might be setting-up a pattern of names with the letter L in the middle of the name.

    I also really like Quinn.

    I personally feel Lauren is a bit tired. I knew so many Laurens in the 80s and 90s, spelled in every which way - including a boy, Loren.

    editing to add

    I like the suggestion of Laurel.
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