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    Shiloh or Viveca/Vivica?

    So, Berries, I need you to choose between Viveca/Vivica or Shiloh for a character in my story. Last name won’t matter because her last name will never be mentioned. Which one would fit a rocker image more?
    I’ve narrowed it down to the two names. Shiloh just seems like a name that reflects sugary sweetness, Vivica/Viveca sounds edgy and rocker-ish IMO, yet somewhat old-Hollywood and classy. If you choose Vivica, what spelling looks better?

    Help me out, Berries!
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    Haha sounds like you're leaning towards Viveca. I like this spelling better.
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    I don't likr Shiloh much because it sounds like shilo which means awl in Russian, ha ha. I like Viveca though.

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    I'd go with Vivica, Shiloh is too celebbaby for me to be usable at the minute. I prefer Vivica because it looks more familiar despite its unusualness, it reminds me of Vivian.

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    yeah, I'm with you. Viveca sounds more rocker-ish. I'm not sure, but probably the Viveca spelling. Your character can always get called Viv, and maybe she can have a friend named Shiloh.

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