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    Please help me beef up my boy name list!

    I am only here for my love of names, and I need help to expand my boy list. I have always had a harder time finding boy names that I love than I have finding girl names. My #1 favorite is Lucian, and I would love to use this one day if I could ever convince my SO! Of the other two names, Gavin is out because a coworker is due with a boy in either June or July (I can't remember) and she is naming him Gavin. Cedric is also out because as much as I love the name (and its connection with Harry Potter ) it still always makes me think of Cedric the Entertainer as soon as I hear it.

    So, any suggestions for names that are similar in style and might go well with Lucian, provided I use the name and ever have more than one son?

    Thanks in advance!
    Girls: Cordelia, Phoebe, Rose

    Boys: Lucian, Alexander, Liam

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