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    Thoughts on these rarely/one of a kind names please...

    We are expecting our first child in a few days. Here is our name choice and the reasons.

    Nasmith Johannsen McLean. We would call him "Smith" as his first name.

    Before you think Sex in the City - Here is the background...

    My husband has an uncle who was a WWI hero, the name Nasmith has been in his family for years. You'll notice it's not the same spelling as the founder of basketball.

    Secondly, Herman Smith-Johannsen has been credited as one of the original founders of skiing. We're both big skiers and I have Scandinavian roots so Smith-Johannsen fits from my side of the family.


    Both names have a lot of meaning for both of us but strangers, of course, wouldn't understand this when he's introduced so I'd like to know your thoughts.

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    I think using a family name is wonderful. It is unusual but if someone asks, it is simple enough to explain that Nasmith is a family name, an uncle who fought in WWI. His middle name obviously means something to you as well. Be proud of your choices.

    Go for it!

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