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    Post My Top 20 Girls Names, Feedback Please!!!

    Hi! These are my top 20 girls names right now, what do you think? Feel free to change the middle names, and create nicknames. The only one I'm definitely not budging on is Reese Sariah, it's my favorite. Thanks! pinkprincess.

    1. Reese Sariah
    2. Eden Marie
    3. Bellamy Renee (nn Bella)
    4. Arizona Brielle (nn Ari pron air*ee)
    5. Liberty Faith
    6. Kenzie Lynne
    7. Mackenzie Renee (nn Kenzie)
    8. Priscilla Brielle
    9. Arina Josephine
    10. Becca Marie
    11. Erinn Hope
    12. Whitney Jane
    13. Penelope June
    14. Gracie Katrina
    15. Sophie Paige
    16. Paige Mackenzie
    17. Jenna Elizabeth
    18. Deborah Grace
    19. Nora Elizabeth
    20. Renee Natassia

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    1. Reese Sariah- I understand you love this, but the s at the end of Reese and beginning of Sariah run into each other. Sariah Reese would be a thousand times better.
    2. Eden Marie- Lovely! Marie is a bit of a filler middle though. Maria might have more substance.
    3. Bellamy Renee (nn Bella)- Pretty names, but I don't love the flow. Bella Renee? Bellamy Wren/Ren?
    4. Arizona Brielle (nn Ari pron air*ee)- Don't love the names, but they sound nice together.
    5. Liberty Faith- I think Liberty sounds sort of silly, particularly with another virtue/word name like Faith. Libby or Livana would be better.
    6. Kenzie Lynne- Kenzie is a pretty name, but really trendy. Lynne makes it sound dated too. Mackenzie Leah or Kerenza Lane are less trendy and could lead to the nickname Kenzie.
    7. Mackenzie Renee (nn Kenzie)- Nice! Don't love the flow, but it's still pretty good.
    8. Priscilla Brielle- I like this! A lot of people don't like the priss sound in Priscilla, but I know a Priscilla who never has a problem with it.
    9. Arina Josephine- Arina sounds like arena, which seems kinda weird. Ariana Josephine, on the other hand, would be downright GORGEOUS.
    10. Becca Marie- I think Rebecca would be better and more professional. It also gives her more choices as she gets older, because it would allow her to spell her nickname Becca differently.
    11. Erinn Hope- Erin would be the much classier spelling. Spelling it Erinn doesn't make it any more distinguished; it's like spelling Rachel Raychelle.
    12. Whitney Jane- BEAUTIFUL! Classy and sweet. I love this!
    13. Penelope June- Again, GORGEOUS!
    14. Gracie Katrina- Gracie is a bit too nicknamey... Grace Katrina sounds just as lovely and you could still call her Gracie.
    15. Sophie Paige- This seems bland to me. Okay, but there are way better names on your list.
    16. Paige Mackenzie- Really trendy. Not great.
    17. Jenna Elizabeth- Nice! I like this. The flow isn't fantastic, but still.
    18. Deborah Grace- Love it!
    19. Nora Elizabeth- I'm not a fan of Nora, but there's certainly nothing wrong with this combo.
    20. Renee Natassia- I would spell Natassia Natasha. Natassia looks kind of confusing, and much more difficult to spell.

    I put the best ones in bold.
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    1. Reese Sariah - I know you love this, but the names do run into each other.
    2. Eden Marie - This is nice, but Marie is a big filler middle name. Eden Maisie?
    3. Bellamy Renee (nn Bella) - Bellamy is far too surname-y for me, and Renee is just one of my personal least favorites.
    4. Arizona Brielle (nn Ari pron air*ee) - Arizona doesn't feel like a proper first name to me. Brielle isn't my style.
    5. Liberty Faith - Two word/virtue names together is too much for me. I don't like Liberty much. Maybe Verity Fay?
    6. Kenzie Lynne - Kenzie feels trendy and insubstantial.
    7. Mackenzie Renee (nn Kenzie) - I don't like Mac/Mc names on girls.
    8. Priscilla Brielle - I would like Priscilla, but I'm really not sure about the "priss" sound.
    9. Arina Josephine - Arina is too much like "arena," but I do love Josephine.
    10. Becca Marie - I prefer Rebecca (more versatile and grown-up), but I don't really like either Becca or Rebecca.
    11. Erinn Hope - This would be nice if you spelled Erin with one n. The extra letter detracts from the name.
    12. Whitney Jane - I quite like Jane, but I'm not very into Whitney. It does flow nicely.
    13. Penelope June - I LOVE this one!
    14. Gracie Katrina - Grace (with Gracie as a nickname) would age better.
    15. Sophie Paige - This is pretty nice, though Sophie/Sophia is so common. I think Paige Sophia would be better.
    16. Paige Mackenzie - I like Paige, but I just don't like the Mac/Mc names on girls.
    17. Jenna Elizabeth - Jenna is okay, but Elizabeth just feels "meh" to me, and I don't love the flow.
    18. Deborah Grace - This one is nice, even if Grace is fairly filler as a middle name.
    19. Nora Elizabeth - I like Nora, but I don't love the flow here.
    20. Renee Natassia - I dislike both Renee and Natassia. Natassia sounds like Natasha is trying too hard.

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    I've bolded the ones I particularly like.

    1. Reese Sariah - Yum, candy. Would rather see Reese on a boy, but Reese Witherspoon makes it work on a girl.
    2. Eden Marie - never saw the appeal of "den" on a girl. Though Marie does flow nicely with it.
    3. Bellamy Renee (nn Bella) - will spend her whole life explaining she is not Isabella. And I think of Upstairs, Downstairs. (Bellamy House)
    4. Arizona Brielle (nn Ari pron air*ee) - pretty, but both a bit whacky if the kid ends up hating whacky names. But I doubt that. The only reason I love my name is probably because it's mine
    5. Liberty Faith - too much virtue for one name
    6. Kenzie Lynne - will spend her whole life explaining she is not McKenzie. And I keep wanting to say "Kenzie Line"
    7. Mackenzie Renee (nn Kenzie) - better than just Kenzie, and flows fairly well. I prefer spelling McKenzie.
    8. Priscilla Brielle - "Prissy" better be courageous and bold to wear this frilly name. But it flows nicely, and might be so far out it's back in. And since vocab isn't the world's hottest topic right now (I had to double check what "Prissy" meant), you could probably get away with it.
    9. Arina Josephine - as in arena?
    10. Becca Marie - will spend her whole like explaining she is not Rebecca. Though it flows nicely.
    11. Erinn Hope - why the two n's? Everyone will spell her name wrong. And "Hope" makes it too curt imo.
    12. Whitney Jane - nice - a good mix of modern and classic, masculine and feminine, and it sounds pretty to boot.
    13. Penelope June - like - flow is gorgeous and I'd love to see a little Penny
    14. Gracie Katrina - not Grace? Poor Gracie trying to open a law firm with a flimsy name like that.
    15. Sophie Paige - not bad; there's nothing wrong with it, but I prefer Sophia (can you tell I dislike nickname-y names?)
    16. Paige Mackenzie - Not bad; again, nothing wrong, but I'm not a fan of word names (though Paige is always down in my book as one of the better ones)
    17. Jenna Elizabeth - this is one nn-name I wouldn't question. (i.e., she's not going to spend her whole like explaining she's not Jennifer) I really like this one.
    18. Deborah Grace - ick. Never been a fan of Deborah. I don't like "b" or "d" sounds, so that might have something to do with it.
    19. Nora Elizabeth - I really like Nora. That's all.
    20. Renee Natassia - too many n's too close together.
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