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    List of pet names from "Too Cute!"

    It's a TV show on Animal Planet. I recommend it if you like to squee. Anyway, from the episodes I've seen, here are the names I've managed to compile (excluding bunnies/sloths/hedgehogs/iguanas/guinea pigs, unfortunately):

    f: Beanie, Bella, Belle, Boots, Cleo, Cutie, Emilie, Fabrine, Jasmine, Katyana, Kiki, Lulu, Luna, Pepper, Pippa, Princess, Queenie, Roxy, Ruffian, Safron, Snowball, Tanya, Tiny Dancer
    m: Basil, Clive, Cookie, Cosmo, Dante, Flash, Gremlin, Jacques, Jonas, Little Bear, Midnight, Moose, Muffin, Nugget, Oreo, Porkchop, Prune, Sparky, Sputnik, Stoli, Stretch, Tofu

    f: Addie, Apple, Bella, Boston, Bridget, Coco, Francie, Jackee, Jojo, Kaya, Lila, Mackenzie, Madison, Mari, Minnie, Miss Cinders, Moxie, Paris, Peaches, Pearl, Penny, Rosie, Saki, Sally, Scout, Tulip, Tyla, Wren, Xena, Zsa Zsa
    m: Angus, Bear, Bo, Buttons, Chauncey, Fergus, Finch, Finn, Huck, Ivan, Jaeger, Marvel, Midas, Nanook, Oscar, Pucci, Phoenix, Prince, Raisin, Riley, Rocky, Roo, Safari, Sawyer, Sparrow, Stanley, Teddy, Timber, Tom, Tony, Wilbur, Woodrow

    So...thoughts? Any favorites? I quite like Scout and Jojo for a female dog. Bo is cute for a boy. And Finch. I like Pepper for a female cat and Finch or Moose for a boy.

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