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    I fully support changing it. Go for it while you still can!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shannalaura View Post
    As someone named Shanna, pronounced Shawna, I'd say change it! I love my unique name, but have been called Sheh-na for so many years, I am a fan of easy phonetics! I wouldn't know how to pronounce the Iyla spelling offhand. And if you do it now, she'll never know or have to adjust later... I say this as I tried the umlaut over the first ä for a while in grade school--that did NOT catch on (I'm not even sure now that it was correct)!
    It's actually pretty funny, cause the letter ä would exactly lead to the pronunciation "Shan-na", rhyming with Anna. The Umlaut changes the open "Uh" sound the letter "a" usually has (like the second "a" in "Dana") to the sound the letter has in the first syllable of Hannah or Daniel.

    So good thing it didn't catch on

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    I'd say change it! I think I'd pronounce Iyla as Ee-La anyway. Isla is easily pronounceable to me, and it's aesthetically more pleasing than Iyla. It's not as though she'd have to get used to spelling her name a different way because she's so young and only hears her name, which would remain the same. Pretty name, btw!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mickie86 View Post
    Yes, you should definately change it. It is definately worth the grief your daughter will have to deal with. Literate people will know how to pronounce Isla. It's beautiful!

    I agree. If you don't change it, your daughter will have to deal with all that confusion when she gets older. Plus you despise it. There are only positives to be had by legally changing it.
    Not so done having children after all. We're not ready for TTC quite yet but when we do get pregnant,the husband handed sole naming rights over to his name obsessed wife!

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    Isla June is a prettier name! Change the name, your baby, you decide!

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