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    As someone named Shanna, pronounced Shawna, I'd say change it! I love my unique name, but have been called Sheh-na for so many years, I am a fan of easy phonetics! I wouldn't know how to pronounce the Iyla spelling offhand. And if you do it now, she'll never know or have to adjust later... I say this as I tried the umlaut over the first ä for a while in grade school--that did NOT catch on (I'm not even sure now that it was correct)!

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    Change it! Change it yesterday! Isla is beautiful. It's a breezy tropical paradise name for a girl with a wonderful, welcoming smile. Iyla is not 1/1,000,000 as nice. It's like a bad Scrabble drawing.

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    CHANGE IT!! That is awful!! Isla is an easily pronounced name (have the grandparents never read the word "island?") Ilya is confusing and doesn't look nearly as pretty. Your little girl will thank you for the change! She'll have to pay for it herself as an adult if you don't do it now!!

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    Yeah... I'd probably change it.

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    I would change it.

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