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    Advice please!! Should I change the spelling of my 15-month-old daughter's name?

    Hi everyone,

    I would love your advice on this... My husband and I are pretty certain that we're going to go ahead with it, but we're getting serious backlash from both of our parents...

    When we found out we were having a girl, Isla was without a doubt the name we wanted for our daughter. However, we bounced back and forth on how to spell it for months... Family felt it would be mispronounced and my husband and I ultimately ended up naming our darling IYLA JUNE (as opposed to Isla June). After about a month, I hated it and have had major name spelling remorse since. She's now 15 months and every time I have to write out her name or hear her name being read aloud as "Ill-yuh" I absolutely cringe I've gone as far as to fill out all the paperwork to legally change the spelling to the traditional Isla but am taking heat from the grandparents. My defence is that I'm not changing her beautiful name at all... Iyla June or Isla June, it's the SAME name and she'll not know any different. Am I over-thinking this? Is spelling all that important?

    Would love your thoughts!

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    I'm with you. I'd change it. It sounds like the spelling bothers you a lot and at the end of the day, she's your child. Grands will get over it, imo.

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    I would just change it. like inthemorning said, it seems that it's really bothering you and its your child, not your grandparent's!

    I say go for it, you won't confuse her as you're only changing the spelling, she won't notice any difference and you'll have a huge weight pulled off your shoulders!
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    I would change it.
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    Yes, you should definately change it. It is definately worth the grief your daughter will have to deal with. Literate people will know how to pronounce Isla. It's beautiful!

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