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    Change it for sure! It will save her confusion and annoyance in the future. Grandparents will adjust.... It's not as though your changing her name! You chose a beautiful name and I give you credit for recognizing the spelling is troublesome and doing something about it. That just seems like good parenting to me :-) good luck!

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    I would definitely change it. As an outsider, I don't think of Isla and 'Iyla' as the same name at all (but fortunately the fact that they're pronounced the same will make changing it less of a big deal). I think Isla is delicate and elegant, whereas when I read 'Iyla', made-up, unattractive and tacky spring to mind. Sorry! Also, Isla is not such an obscure name that people don't know how it's pronounced.
    Good luck. I hope you change it!
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    If I were you, I would change it. I love the spelling of Isla better because of how the name is pronounced. Great name, by the way.

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    I would definitely change it. The grandparents may protest for now, but they're not the ones filling out forms and having to explain the spelling to everyone. When I see it I hear Eee-la instead of the proper pronunciation. Go for it!
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    Definitely change it. Isla is not that difficult and Iyla I think is more difficult than Isla.
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